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160" 16x9 Stealth Stewart Filmscreen under cabinet valance; 3 main and 2 height speakers all within the cabinet.

135" 2:35 Stewart Filmscreen; motorized black-out window shades; authentic popcorn machine.


Fall acoustic wall treatment; 13 cinema seats; 120" 16x9 Stewart Filmscreen.

160" Dalite video screen; Kinetics Noise Control appliances; 8 cinema studio seats with studio platform; JVC Pro HD projector; 7.2 system-left, center, right speakers and 2-subwoofer behind shadow box.


10 theater seats with massive Sony G90 above.

110" Stewart Filmscreen; main speakers behind black fabric wall; Sim2 projector in a hush box, rear platform allow rear seats to have a prefect view.

20 foot wide front wall; video screen 195" diagonal; client supplied seating and carpet.


2:40 Stewart Filmscreen with M&K speakers; Anthem AV receiver; JVC Pro RS600 with Panamorph lens; Lumagen Radiance Pro 4242.

65" curved Samsung flag ship UHDTV; ultra slim wall mount with tilt.

115" 16x9 Dalite screen; Deftech inwall speaker for LCR, side and rear speakers in columns; JVC Pro RS projector.


75" UHDTV.

75" Samsung UHDTV.

140" Stewart Filmscreen; Titan 660 HC projector.